Roofing Insurance Claims

As experienced insurance adjusters ourselves, when know the ins and outs of filinga  roofing insurance claim. Let us help you.

If you own a home, you have to have insurance. That is just one of the guarantees of life. But knowing when and how to use it is another story. We started Solid Roofing because we were insurance adjusters before, and too many home owners do not know their policy. We want to help educate you on what exactly is covered and what isn’t so that you can stay covered yourself. 

Ignore The Horror Stories

Have you heard that might you lose your discount if you file a claim? Have you heard about all the ways the big bad insurance companies will punish you if you have to use your insurance policy for roof damage? Well, don’t listen. The entire point of having homeowners insurance is so that you are covered. Not to punish you for things you can not control. 

When To File A Claim

The purpose of insurance is to make sure you recoup damages in the event of a loss. You pay them montly or anually to return you to status quo should something happen. You aren’t going to use your insurance company to make money. I.e. When your car is totalled, they only pay you for its value at the time of the accident and not what is was worth when you bought it. 

With homeowners insurance you may opt for “replcement cost coverage.” That is, your insurance will pay the cost for replaceing your roof in the event of damage, not just what it is worth at the time something happens to it. 

Know What Is Covered

Insurance companies like to avoid risk. Certain things are avoidable, like clogged toilets and burning candles. Things like this usually are not covered by your policy. In other words, your own negligence does not constitute a need for them to pay for damages. However that does not mean that all fires aren’t covered by your policy. What you are more looking for  are things like 

  • falling objects
  • severe weather events
  • fires

Basically, if you file too many claims for water damage, your insurance company may stop covering you. However a storm, high winds, hail, or falling tree damaging your roof is unavoidable and you would not be punished for filing that claim. 


roofing insurance claim

How We Can Help

If you need help filing roofing insurance claims, call Solid Roofing today. We will help you understand what is covered in your policy and what isn’t. We will also work with your insurance for you to help your claim go through if we fill that you should be covered. Send us a message or call us today to see how we can help.

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