About Solid Roofing

Oklahoma is known to have not only blazing summers and freezing winters, but the high winds and storms of Tornado Alley are know to destroy roofs. Luckily, Solid Roofing is here to help.


Being founded by experienced insurance agents, we aim to help you understand your policy and get the roof repairs and replacement you need as defined by your policy. 


We aren’t going to just slap some shingles on your house and call it a day. We build roofs to last. And if you should ever need us, out local guys are just a phone call away. 


The crews run by Solid Roofing are the absolute best in the business. With years of experience in the roofing inndustry, you can count on quality roof construction. 


Read our reviews and see why Solid Roofing has so many 5 star ratings. Our customers matter to us, and our results show that. Call us today to see why. 

Born To Serve

Knowledge Is Power. Educated Customers Make Better Decisions.

Solid Roofing was born out of necessity. The desire to educate home owners on their policies. Too many people don’t even know what they are and aren’t covered for. It is this lack of knowledge that cause so many people to get taken advantage of by not only their insurance, but other roofing companies. We could not stand by and let that continue to happen. As former insurance agents ourselves, we can help you get the best service in an honest and ethical fashion. That is our job, and why we have the highest Broken Arrow roofing reviews.

$6 Roofing Call

We had an issue with our chimney/roof leaking, wasn’t sure what or where the problem was originating. Gave these guys a call and same day came to our home, got on our roof with a hose and found the problem! What was most impressive was their honesty. They could have told us we had to replace all our flashing around the chimney but they were honest and told us to go to Lowes and buy a $6 tube of silicone and showed us what to do. Would definitely use them again if need in the future!

-AlecRhea Rall

Shopped Around & Happy!

I got at least 5 different quotes for my roof. So glad I did my homework and shopped around. I chose Solid Roofing for many reasons. They were very knowledgeable about the correct way to instal a roof to make it last. He did not try to upsell me with unnecessary extras. They provided a very good quality shingle and a labor warranty. I also received an amazing price!

-Jennifer Semler

Satisfied Inspection Customer

I highly recommend Ryan! I called and made an appointment, he came out the same day. He gave me a very detailed written roof inspection….. he was very knowledgeable!

-Amber Hickok


So a HUGE branch fell on my roof during the storm recently. Apparently it caused two small holes from the damage. I’m so glad Ryan Loudermilk was the one who completely replaced my roof from the storm last year lol.

Just a couple of days ago I asked him how much it would cost for an estimate bc I wasn’t sure I could afford to get it fixed right now. After lunch today he sent me pictures of my roof where it was damaged and that it was being fixed right then. God bless that man! I once again definitely recommend him at Solid Roofing to anyone for your roofing needs!!

-Candace Keah-tigh

The team at Solid Roofing of Tulsa takes GREAT pride in our work. We believe word of mouth is the best recommendation. Read our Broken Arrow roofing reviews and find out what our satisfied customers saying. Contact Us Today For Your FREE Roofing Estimate!

broken arrow roofing reviews

Joey Uphold and Ryan Loudermilk went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. From filing my claim, meeting with the adjuster, to the execution of the job completion. My roof leaked in 3 places, Joey promptly came over and tarped my roof to prevent further interior damage while my claim was being processed. The previous owner of my home had another company repair the roof before I purchased the home and the roof leaked in that same spot.

A sales representative for Solid Roofing and Construction worked closely with my insurance adjuster and was able to achieve a great claim outcome, even after my deductible the claim paid for 80% of the cost of my new roof. Once my claim was finalized they put me on the schedule and my roof was completely replaced with ice barrier on the rear portion of the home as well as some decking being replaced and they achieved that all in one day.

There was no mess left behind and I have yet to find any debris or nails left on the ground. The roofing crew was courteous and detail oriented, they also removed some old unnecessary piping from old floor furnaces that were still protruding from the roof surface, they replaced all of my attic vents and painted all of the pipes black to blend in with the roof. I highly recommend Solid Roofing and their staff, thank you so much!

Ryan Adams

Happy Insuree, Replacement Customer, Solid Roofing of Tulsa