Emergency Roof Repair

When storms strike, every minute counts. Solid Roofing can help you get the emergency roof repair and replacement when you need it.

One of the things travelers always say about Oklahoma is how beautiful our sunsets are. Another thing we hear a lot is how crazy our weather is. They don’t call us Tornado Alley for nothing. We are prone to high winds, hail storms, lightening strikes, extreme heat and frigid cold, and it can all change in just minutes. 

As unpredictable as Oklahoma weather might be, one thing you can count on is Solid Roofing’s emergency roof repair services. Whether you sprung a roof leak or lost your roof completely, we are ready to take your call for emergency roof repair service when you need us. 

Stay Safe, Don’t Climb On Your Roof

If a storm has just come through and you took some damage, DO NOT go climb on your roof to check it out yourself. Falling debris can damage the integrity of your roof and you could damage it further or fall and hurt yourself. There is no real knowing the condition of a roof until a professional has inspected it. 

Instead, walk around the exterior of your home and view damage from the ground. Take note of what you see and call Solid Roofing to come give you a free inspection. 

Storm Damage Roof Repair When You Need It

It’s not just hail storms and high winds you have to worry about in Oklahoma. We also get snowfall and ice in the winter that cause enough problems of their own. Winter storms cause ice dams and collapse roofs every year. Solid Roofing of Broken Arrow can give you an inspection of your roof and let you know ahead of time if it will make it through the winter. If you happen to suffer winter roof damage, we can provide repairs to get you and your family protected from the winter elements. We will let you know exactly what happened and give you a free estimate on the repairs. We will also walk you through it step by step so you know what to expect.

Types Of Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Because of our eventful and ever changing weather, the kind of storm damage repair you need might be different. Solid ROofing Can help you with 

  • Wind Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Ice Damage

And just about every other thing that can happen. If your roof has fallen victim to severe weather, call Solid Roofing today and we will get you taken care of. 

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