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All about roof flashing. What it does, and how to maintaint it.

If you are in the process of having your roof replaced you are probably hearing a lor of different material terms and names being thrown at you, and you are just expected to know what they are. And we are sure that you have at least heard the term roof flashing, which is a very important part of your roof. So we are going to tell you what that is and why you need it. 

What Is Roof Flashing?

Glad you asked. Roof flashing is made of a thin metal and it helps guide water off of your roof. It is installed in the valleys and areas where different planes come together, such as a chimney or wall. Roof flashing is constructed of different metals you can choose from, all with their own pro’s and cons. The most common is steel. It holds up well and is affordable. Copper looks really good on a roof and will last you longer than steel, but it comes at a steeper price too. It really is up to waht you prefer. 

Types Of Roof Flashing

Ok so now you are caught up on what flashing is made of and why you need it. There are still a few more types of flashing. 

  • Base Flashing
  • Continuous Flashing
  • Stop Flashing 
  • Counter Flashing
  • Valley Flashing
  • Skylight Flashing
  • Knockout Flashing
  • Drip Flashing

It is important that your flashing is installed in these areas to prevent leaks. These are the most vulnerable parts of your roof so we want to protect them. If it is not installed the correct way, you are still prone to leaks, which is why it is important to use a trusted contractor like Solid Roofing. 

Just because you are getting your roof replaced, doesn’t mean you have to have new flashing either. When we inspect your roof we will let you know what we find. If your flashing is still in good shape, it might be able to stay. However if the damage is too severe, or we are moving to a new type of shingle or material, it may need to be replaced as well. But you can count on the honest experts at Solid Roofing to let you know. 

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