Snow Can Reveal Roof Leaks

With winter upon us, we are certainly grateful for the roofs over our heads. And without a doubt, there are few things more beautiful than winter snow. However, when the snow melts, a soggy roof may reveal a leak. Melting snow reveals roof leaks. In addition, cold weather and winter storms can damage your roof. Predictably, new leaks often arise in winter.

If snow is the snitch, it is also a co-conspirator. True, snow reveals roof leaks, but it also helps to cause them. To explain, heat from our homes melts the snow. As melt water runs down, it refreezes near the gutters. The result is that ice dams are formed on the roofs edges. This can wreak havoc on our shingles and fascia. In the end, water pooled behind the ice begins to leak into the home.

In the event that you suspect a roof leak, it is best to contact a professional roofing company as soon as you can. With a leaky roof, damage gets worse over time. To prevent further damage, it may be time to repair or replace the roof. Do you need to have a roof repaired? Do you need to have a roof replaced? If you are not sure, have your roof evaluated by a professional.

How Do I Prevent Roof Damage in Winter?

Well insulated attics lose less heat. As a result, snow melts more slowly on the roof. In turn, ice dams have less chance of forming. And so, one way to protect your roof is by insulating your attic. Additionally, rubber membranes can be installed near where ice dams form. The rubber seals the roof, protecting it from water damage. Good air circulation in the attic helps keep the entire roof cool.

Has snow revealed roof leaks in your home? If you need your roof repaired or replaced, contact Solid Roofing today.