Keep An Eye On Your Gutters To Protect Your Roof

Many people don’t know how maintaining your gutters can help protect your roof. To avoid the many problems that stem from having a damaged gutter system, don’t just give your gutters a once-over. You need to discover gutter problems as early as possible. Things like gutters full of leaves, shingle granules, and other debris can cause bigger problems in the long run. So make it a point to perform routine inspections. Look out for these three telltale signs:

Water Seepage

Something is wrong with the roof or the gutters when there’s water seepage, so check the corners of your home on rainy days. Your gutters are due for a repair if you see leaks coming from the miters, end caps or downspouts. The sooner you act, the better! This is the case because excessive moisture gives rise to wood rot and costlier problems.

Wood Rot

Gradually, leaky gutters compromise the integrity of the surrounding components. As the fascia boards and soffits absorb the leaking water, they will succumb to more wood rot problems. Subsequently, the gutters will start to sag and pull away from your home, so early detection is necessary. This could save you from having to perform very costly roof repairs.

Ice Damming

If you come across an ice dam, take action right away. Ice damming is another issue that wreaks havoc on the roof and the gutter system. Thankfully, you can protect your property by cleaning your gutters regularly or by hiring a professional roofer. Call Solid Roofing today!