Commercial Roof Replacement Project in Tulsa 

Emergency Tarp Service and Standing-Seam metal roof replacement after Tulsa Storms

Hahn Appliance Metal Roof Storm Damage

Hahn Appliance suffered metal roof damage to their commercial building with the storms on June 18, 2023. They needed a commercial roofer fast, and we were proud to step in, as commercial roof replacement is one of our favorite specialties.

After assessing the damage to the mansard standing-seam roof, we determined that metal was damaged by high winds, with panels destroyed and blown across the parking lot.

We quickly covered the leaking roof with our emergency tarp service and put our commercial roofing team on fast response mode. Since our team is commercially certified, this was an easy task.

In less than two weeks, we had fully replaced each metal panel with 24-gauge, 18-inch panels with a 1-inch profile, single-locked.

We are proud to help the wonderful appliance powerhouses of Tulsa, the one and only Hahn Appliance!

Commercial Roof Repair Project at Hahn Appliance

BEFORE - Commercial Roof Repair Project for Hahn Appliance

High winds from the June 18th Tulsa, Oklahoma storms blew metal panels off of the Hahn Appliance roof. We sprung into quick action with emergency tarp protection and put our repair team into fast-response mode. 

Commercial Roof Replacement finished project at Hahn Appliance

AFTER - Commercial Roof Repair Project for Hahn Appliance

In a matter of days, we had the entire standing-seam roof replaced for Hahn Appliance. We are proud of this project and our friends at Hahn are happy to know they will have a reliable metal roof for many years to come.