Fascia and Soffit Repair

To keep our homes in order, we need to keep them in good repair. Certainly, no one wants a home with little or no curb appeal. No, we want the opposite. We want to express our love for house and heart by doing the very best that we can. And, fascia and soffit repair are sometimes needed in order to keep things looking their best. Whether you want to do the job yourself, or you prefer to hire Tulsa’s best construction professionals, the most important thing is that the job is done correctly. Let’s have a deeper look at this.

What Are the Fascia and Soffit?

Fascia – “A flat usually horizontal member of a building having the form of a flat band or broad fillet: such as a flat piece used as a molding; a horizontal piece (such as a board) covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves; or a nameplate over the front of a shop.”

Soffit –  “The underside of a part or member of a building (as of an overhang or staircase)especially the intrados of an arch.”

If you think you might need fascia and soffit repair or replacement, contact Solid Roofing today.