Your Commercial Roof: An Investment Story

So the vast majority of us don’t pay any attention to our roof until there is a problem. Maybe it starts leaking or maybe we took some storm damage. However, the roof of commercial property is an investment in your business. Protecting the building you operate your business in thereby protects your business. Cost savings on maintenance mean less out the door for a full replacement.


Busting Your Asphalt


Most commercial roofs use an asphalt base. In the summer months, metal expands and contracts greatly, causing damage to plies. This creates large cracking problems. We could tell you how to fix it on your own if you want to do some scraping, apply some mesh, and some more asphalt. But the better option is to call Solid Roofs.


Flashing The Bird


Flashing is what moves water away from transitional areas on your roof. But flashing can slump in the heat. How much repair it needs depends on the extent of the damage. Another problem with flashing is that it wrinkles over time and can cause leaks. This is when most business owners decide it’s time to start paying attention. However, once you have gotten this far, there is likely damage inside your walls and other building parts from the water damage. So let’s try not to let it go that far.


I Got A Blister On My Finger!


Ok, not on your finger, but your roof can blister too. Not all blisters need to be repaired, but they can cause cracks and breaks. You will know if your roof is showing multiple signs of surface loss. If you have solar panels and other appliances on your roof, that is where to pay the most attention.

Solid Roofing Is Here To Help


We specialize in commercial roofing and want to help you keep your overhead down. The cost of replacing a commercial roof can be pretty high, but with regular maintenance we can lengthen the life cycle of yours. Call us today with any questions you have about how we can help you.