Roofing Certifications And Why They Matter

Not only does it take incredible skill to be in the commercial roofing business, but dedication as well. You don’t just want a good roof, you want a long lasting great roof. We provide the best in Broken Arrow roofing construction and stay up to date on all the latest certifications and requirements.


Quality Over Quantity


I’m sure you have heard that before. It couldn’t be more true in the roofing world. Quality control comes from knowing that our experts have been properly trained to do the job. In skills and safety practices, we stay on top of it. Not only does this protect your investment, it helps us to be able to provide a wider variety of services. We aren’t going to slap some flat shingles on your roof and call it a day. We can also provide repairs and emergency services when you need it.


Taking Pride In Our Construction


Broken Arrow roofing construction companies are a dime a dozen. But can they all help you with preventative maintenance? At Solid Roofing we are proud of the work we do. Our customer reviews and testimonials will tell you the same. And with new and expanding locations in Edmond and Bartlesville, we have even more ways to serve you.
Check out our work and give us a call to get a quote or service estimate on your roof today. We want to do everything we can to serve your family and business.