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Good Communication Leads to a Better Roof

As in all areas of life, effective communication is essential in the roofing business. When you contact us for a roof assessment, we will come to your home and discuss the condition of your current roof.  Beyond that, we will share with you the many material options you have for replacement. In addition, our highly skilled evaluators will determine whether you have adequate ventilation for your attic. And after, we will form a plan with you to remove and replace your home’s roof. Solid Roofing of Tulsa knows, good communication leads to a better roof.

In order to prevent mistakes and get the job done correctly the first time, we visit with our clients for as long as it takes to fully understand their needs. After, we are able to satisfy our customers’ wishes. In fact, our customers are very often so pleased with the work we do that they recommend us to friends and family.

At the current time, there are more material options for roofing than ever before. You can choose traditional asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, or more costly but beautiful natural stone. Go online and search for images of roofs that you find attractive.

Without a doubt, accurate roof assessment is critical. A decent roof will last from twenty to thirty years. And so, we do not want to replace our roofs prematurely. With our experienced evaluators on the job, you will know the exact condition of your roof and whether or not you should replace it.

Finally, our roofs need proper ventilation. Without it our attics trap heat in the summer, in turn, raising energy bills. But also, in the winter, adequate ventilation keeps the entire roof the same temperature preventing damage from ice flows toward the fascia.

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If you think you might need roofing repairs or replacement, contact Solid Roofing today. Tulsa’s top roofing professionals will evaluate your roof and let you know if it is time for replacement.