Winter Roofing Tips

Between the rain, snow, ice and freezing temperatures, winter can be especially hard on a roof. As a homeowner, you might opt to take care of your roofing issues in the summer season or warmer months. However, there are some pro’s as well as con’s to working on a roof in the winter. So here we are going to give you some winter roofing tips.

Noticing Damage

If you have seen cracked or curling shingles, this is obviously an issue. If you are seeing ice build up, it is a strong sign that your roof is losing heat. These deteriorating roof conditions will only get worse by waiting for spring and summer. Even if you can only do simple repairs to get trough the winter, it may be enough to get you by. And these small repairs will be worthwhile in the long run at preventing more extensive damage.

Protection From The Elements

Putting a new roof on your home in the winter means not only better protection from the elements, but also better insulation. Your roof is the thing that stand between you and frigid winter temperatures. The insulation provided can save money on your utility bills as well. If your roof is on its last legs, replacement might be the best option to get you through the winter. When snow starts to build up, the added weight can become dangerous. If you have an old roof, this weight could easily collapse it.

Signs To Look Out For

There are events that can happen, signaling the need for a new roof. If you are noticing sagging in your roof, doors popping open, windows becoming difficult, or cracks in your ceiling, its time for an inspection.

Call The Experts

Solid Roofing knows how to work with your insurance company to help with your claim on your roof. Get through the winter with Solid Roofing by calling now to get an estimate!