Replacing Your Roof In Winter


Can You Do It?

Winter months can be especially hard on a roof. Frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your shingles. But on top of that, you also have freezing rain and snow that can create ice dams and leaks. The added weight of snow can buckle and collapse the support system underneath your roof. And in many cases, waiting for warmer weather to replace your roof just isn’t an option. Replacing your roof in winter can be done under certain conditions.

Is It Strong Enough?

Your roof has to have enough of a sound structure to be able to support a new roof. The existing support may need to be built up before this can happen. If you are switching to heavier, more durable materials, you will want to make sure that structure can handle this added weight.

The Right Roofing Contractor

It takes certain knowledge and skill to replace a roof in the cold. It is a dangerous task no matter who does the job. Making sure you have the right roofing contractor with the proper tools and insurance can save you in the long run. Solid Roofing has a team of expert roofers that can help you replace your roof in the cold months.

Proper Roofing Materials

There are certain shingles and materials that can only be installed between certain temperatures. That places limitations on what kind of roof you can get. If you know that your roof needs replaced, try to do it before the cold gets here so you can stay warm all winter.

Call Solid Roofing

There are some perks to having your roof replaced in the winter as well. Roofers are not nearly as busy and you may be able to pick up some off season deals to save on costs. If you are needing a roof repaired or replaced, call Solid Roofing today to get am inspection and quote on your new roof.