What the Hail?

It’s every homeowners nightmare. We love to sit back and listen to storms as the roll through. The show that the lightening puts on, the sounds of the thunder. Listening to the rain on the roof. But there is one thing we all fear, hail. Hail is a huge cause of Broken Arrow roof leaks. These frozen rain drops wreak havoc on shingle roofs, creating a huge problem. The impact cracks shingles and leaves dents that lead to water damage in the decking. Not only does your roof suffer, but the interior of your home can too. Ceilings become stained with water and walls become damaged and lead to rot.

Fixing Broken Arrow Roof Leaks

Once the storm has passed, you are going to need an inspection. The experts at Solid Roofing will let you know if you need a simple repair, or a full roof replacement. Because there is no real pattern to how hail falls, it may not damage every home in your neighborhood. You may have the majority of the damage while your neighbor doesn’t have any at all.
If you are curious whether or not you have roof damage, you can easily look for other things to be damaged.
  • Dents in your car or air conditioner
  • Missing leaves on plants
  • Damaged decorations
These are strong signs that there is further damage on your roof that you cannot see.

Silver Linings

Fortunately, if you need a roof replacement, we can upgrade your roof. Technology has changed and so has the services we can offer. Stronger more resistant shingles are now available to help protect your home in the next storm. And living in Oklahoma, we know there will be anther storm. If you are needing an inspection of your roof, call Solid Roofing Of Broken Arrow Today.