If your roof is old or has been through some significant Oklahoma storms, you will want it inspected for roof damage. Wind damage and hail damage can build up over time. Identifying and repairing small issues can save you money in the long run. Here are some common signs of roof damage.


Shingle Damage 

Shingles are the basic building blocks of any sturdy roof. Some of the most common signs of shingle damage include the following:
  • Curled or cracked shingle edges
  • Shingle pieces/granules in gutters
  • Individual shingles that appear overly dirty or wet
 Noticeable shingle deterioration means the house has suffered at least some weather damage.

Changes to Walls and Ceilings

Hail damage can affect the integrity of the house. Discoloration on the interior walls and ceilings is usually a sign of moisture. A leaky attic also signals a need for a new roof. If you notice cracks in the ceiling, this can be due to weakening supports. Ceiling supports are only designed to hold a certain amount of weight. Over time these supports wear and lose strength.

Large Physical Changes

A sagging roof-line or extra light in the attic can be signs of serious problems. Very severe thunderstorms and wind can damage the structure of the house. Consult with a roofing professional right away. You should ultimately have your roof inspected regularly to protect against weather damage. Well-maintained shingles can double your roof life. This will lessen your financial burden in the years ahead. Contact the Tulsa roof repair team at Solid Roofing if you have questions about the condition of your roof.