Strong Wind Lifts (and Damages) Shingles

High winds during Oklahoma storm season can cause unnoticed damage to shingled roofs. Often times shingles will be damage in small section or even large areas due to lifted shingles during strong storms. Sometimes, after the storm, the signs can be hard to impossible to notice (especially from ground level). Unless the shingles are obviously missing or remain lifted after the storm, additional inspection may be necessary.

Storm Damage Inspection Can Save You Money

You need a new roof. Why does it matter if there are signs of storm damage? When a roofing system fails before its normal lifespan, it’s almost always storm damage. Storm damage is covered by your insurance! You pay the premium. Don’t hesitate to let your home insurance policy do what it was intended (INSURE YOU AGAINST LOSSES). Unless your roof damage can easily be repaired without compromising the roof system, it’s a good idea to inspect for roof damage covered by your insurance policy.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Roof?

When we thing of damage to our roof, we normally think of hail. But in Oklahoma, our bitter, wet winters can also be a problem. Freezing rain, sleet, snow, and ice can cause ice dams to form. This prevents water from adequately draining from our roof and improper water runoff. You will see missing granules from your shingles and that can lead to leaks. In most cases, your insurance will help pay for this or cover all of it.

How Do I File A Claim?

To find out how much your insurance should be paying, contact Solid Roofing. Our team has former insurance adjusters that help to save home owners thousands of dollars every year. Let us help save you money! We will get someone to you for an inspection right away and walk you through the claim process. Call us now or send us a message here. We are ready to help you.