Signs of Roof Damage

If your roof is old or has been through some significant Oklahoma storms, you will want it inspected for roof damage. Wind damage and hail damage can build up over time. Identifying and repairing small issues can save you money in the long run. Here are some common...

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Hidden Signs of Storm Damage

Strong Wind Lifts (and Damages) Shingles High winds during Oklahoma storm season can cause unnoticed damage to shingled roofs. Often times shingles will be damage in small section or even large areas due to lifted shingles during strong storms. Sometimes,...

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Remodel The Exterior of Your Home

Exterior Home Remodel in Tulsa, Oklahoma It's easy to remodel the exterior of your home once you ask Solid Roofing for help. There are several things you may do to the exterior of your home during a remodel project, and you must ask Solid Roofing how they...

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Remodeling The Interior Of Your Home

Remodeling The Interior Of Your Home Remodeling your home's interior is an important process and Solid Roofing can help in every room. The rooms themselves have their own character, but they may change given proper interior design. There are many things to...

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